Monday, March 27, 2006

Answering Some Charges on Illegal Immigration

The following is a partial convesation I had with someone who is against illegal immigrants (and could not answer my charges):

You make some charges that sound righteous but you fall short.

1. You said:
All this stuff about Amnesty periods and Guest worker programs will constantly be a downfall and they need to be stopped. If illegal immigrants were not here doing jobs like picking lettuce and strawberries, then the farm owners would be forced to pay American Citizens to do the job and they would have to pay more money per hour to do it.

My question: Why didn't American citizens do just that when the jobs were available? I'll tell you why. Because no one, not even you, at our age will go work at minimum wages to do back breaking work for long hours. We can make the same amount or more working at Burger King or 7-11.

It's just not going to happen. Farming conglomerates are not going to pay decent wages because there is too much competition with other conglomerates, plus insurance and other things they must pay out according to labor laws. The overhead costs too much money to make it financially feasable.

What you're going to see is what we saw in the Dust Bowl era - an exodus into the big cities near by. What this amounts to is, if these dislocated farmers and workers don't find jobs in the city:

  • a major stress on unemployment insurance.
  • stress out an already failing Federal budget.
  • the government will pass on the "savings" to us through new local, state and Federal tax laws which turns into less money in our pockets at the end of the tax year.
  • Property taxes will skyrocket, as counties will have to build new schools to accommodate new students.

I can continue listing the cons, but you get the point, I hope.

2. You said: But illegals can do it because they get paid under the table and get welfare, food stamps, healthcare, subsidized housing, and legal aid paid for by the state and federal government. If they were not here, we would not have millions of people that are on Welfare.

This is absolutely and categorically false.

Illegal immigrants are illegal by definition. In order to get government benefits, an applicant has to be an American citizen. That means the applicant must have a US certified birth certificate, a state ID and a social security card. In order to get an SS card, you have to be paying into the system. If they are illegal, immigrants cannot get government assistance because they are "getting paid under the table" and not paying taxes into the system.

Make up your mind, either they are illegal or not?

They reason we have millions on welfare is that those American citizens are:

  • losing their jobs because of the recession
  • too damn lazy to take a lower paying job. Why should they? They make more money sitting at home collecting welfare for free!

In Michigan alone, the jobless rate is at 300,000! You cannot tell me, short of providing proof, that all of those are illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigration, like it or not is a necessary evil for the above-mentioned reasons and more. The problems are not the illegal immigrants. It is the politicians who are creating a crisis to incite their constituents and redirect their focus from the real issue: the current American recession.

Republican politicians know their jobs are in jeopardy in the coming elections. They know that their constituents are pissed off at them for not doing anything about their constituents loss of jobs to overseas countries.

Republican politicians know that people like you are against anyone with color trying to make a dollar. And people like you eat it up because people like you are reactionary rather than taking the time to think issues through.

America is not in a recession because we lack farming jobs for Americans. American companies (Dell, Ford, GM, Hoover, Timken Steel, etc) are closing down plants in America and sending the jobs overseas, where it is cheaper to operate. Illegal immigrants are just the scapegoats and you're feeding on the political propaganda that satisfies your personal prejudices.

What we American should do as a whole is demand those jobs we are losing to India, Pakistan and China, back to America. However, that's not going to happen because it's easier to blame the illegal immigrants than actually doing something real about it like admitting it was a huge mistake voting Republican all these years and voting them out NOW!

Finally, the same politicians that allowed our jobs to be taken overseas are re-elected into office on an “illegal immigrant” platform. Its the same propaganda model that worked for GW in 2004 and the same propaganda model that worked for Hitler in the pre-WW II years.

And America is falling for it... again.
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