Friday, March 10, 2006

Bizarro English

Growing up and around Spanish speakers was not conducive to learning to speak English properly, especially in New York City. I had to battle the Spanglish accent and slang when structuring sentences, enunciating words and writing grammatically correct. Man, I practiced and practiced until all vestiges of the NY/Spanglish accent were banished from my tongue. See, I was told that if I spoke English properly and had a college education, I would go places. I wanted to go places. So far, it is very true.

Incidentally, if this offends you, I do not apologize. This blog is about truth and not about political correctness.

Now, in my late 30's, I have witnessed the habit of American companies taking American jobs and outsourcing them overseas. Cheap labor... 'nuff said. In the meantime, Americans are losing jobs by leaps and bounds. Some people, after working decades, become homeless.

I sometimes do tech contract work and I receive quite a few calls soliciting my talent with computers. What does this have to do with English? A lot... read on.

Many times, I receive calls from foreign recruiters for American companies and I can not, for the life of me, understand a darn thing they are saying! The accents are so thick and their grasp of English is so butchered, it is absolutely exasperating. It is like speaking with Charlie Brown's teacher, Mrs. Donovan! "Mwa-mwa-mwa!"

Get this. These recruiters get angry with me after I have asked them, for the nth time, to repeat themselves. They have the audacity to ask me if I understand English? (This is where I start to mentally repeat "Rubber baby buggy bumpers" to calm my nerves...)

Folks, we must say no to Bizarro English. Either they learn to speak it correctly or do not bother doing business with us.

God forbid if companies start sending telemarketing jobs overseas. Heaven help us.

Wait as minute! They have!
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