Tuesday, March 28, 2006

US Customs fails “Dirty Bomb” Test!

I don't recall ever reading one Latino name on the list of terrorists that bought down the World Trade Center. Those on the list were Arab/Muslim illegal foreigners that killed 2000 plus Americans on Sept. 11th, 2001.

If my memory serves me right, I don't recall an American dying of a bad taco, a badly fertilized lawn or a mispicked strawberry.

In the meantime, some American Senators and citizens are breathing hellfire and damnation towards illegal Mexicans, Columbians, Hondurans and other South and Central American Latinos. They came here to do what? They provide cheap labor on farms and in chicken and cattle slaughterhouses!

These people are not terrorists like Moussaoui and his ilk.

In fact, a poll shows that the same illegal immigrants Congress seems to be hell bent on banishing,
may be good for America's economy.

If we're not careful, while Latino-haters are focusing on innocuous human beings trying to make a cheap dollar to feed their families, Muslim extremists are busy at work trying to bring our nation to her knees.

For crying out loud! Zacarias Moussaoui admitted yesterday he was supposed to commandeer a fifth plane with Robert Reid, and fly it into the White House!

Hello? Anyone home??

With the failure of the US Customs to detect materials used to make dirty bombs and allowing them to enter the US, maybe we, as a nation, should take a deep breath and re-evaluate our priorities.

Wouldn’t you agree?
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