Sunday, April 02, 2006

Radical Thinking for Success!

I have something to tell you that will radically change your world for the better, if you let it. Are you ready?

This article is going to be long in the tooth. But I believe you will gain so much from it, I have to write it without short cuts. Thanks for bearing with me.

To be successful in anything you do, you are going to have to change the way you think. If you think negatively about yourself and your abilities, you’ll never, ever be successful in anything you do. If you think you can’t, you won’t. However, if you think that you are going to do successfully, baby, I am here to tell you, you will be successful in anything you do.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

The way you think will determine the outcome of your life. Your thoughts determine if you are a failure or a success.

If you think good thoughts about yourself and your abilities, talents and gifts, your actions follow. The same reasoning is true if you think bad thoughts about yourself, your abilities, talents and gifts, then your actions will follow its natural course. The reason why successful people succeed is because they precede their success with successful thoughts about themselves. They are the “can-do” people. Despite the obstacles, despite the circumstances, despite what other people tell them to the contrary, they come up and out smelling like sweet roses every time. The only thing special about these successful people is the way they think about themselves, which is always good. They may be janitors but they are the best darn janitors their company has and it shows in their actions. These people won’t stay janitors for long because they are always thinking upward mobility. They are thinking about climbing the ladder up and not going down. Nothing stands in their way towards success. Why? They believe in themselves. They have confidence in themselves. They envision their success and they go out and take what is rightfully theirs. I am here to tell you, it’s true and it works!

I admire immigrants. I do. To me, they are the epitome of success. I am not kidding. So pick up your jaw and read on.

Imagine if you will, living in Mexico, in horrible and vile conditions, watching your family struggle with hunger, illness and hopelessness. Everything around you screams volumes of despair. Yet, you have vision. You know that to the north, there is a land of milk and honey. You know that if they just make it over the border, you can start a new life filled with hope and new opportunity. So you start their journey. Yes, you know that your long and arduous trek will be treacherous, maybe even deadly. But you don’t stop. You have a dream and you are willing to risk it all to achieve it. And to America you go, despite the people who don’t want you there, despite the border or the Rio Grande. Despite the law that calls you a criminal, you will stop at nothing to give your family and yourself a prosperous future.

I was watching the news on TV this morning. They were reporting on yesterday’s immigration protest march in New York City. The reporter stopped and interviewed a man from Uruguay. During the interview, he began to shed tears. He said, “I came to this country when I was five years old. My family had nothing. Now I am a lawyer.” Wow! What courage!

Mi gente, don’t conform to negative thinking. Don’t believe what they say about you. You’re not trash, thugs, criminals or low-lives. You are not the bottom of the barrel. ¡Tu no eres mierda! Be proud of your heritage! We are people who know struggle! We are warriors! We aren’t garbage. We descend from courageous ancestors who dared the impossible! Stand up! Stand tall! Stand proud! Your worth is beyond measure. I am writing to you mi gente because I care for you and I want you to know ¡coño!, that you have potential!

Here’s some more facts you have to know. You can’t put the cart before the horse. There are some things that only work one way and one way only.

A right action does not change wrong thinking. You can exercise but unless you believe you can and will lose weight, you will never lose weight. Eventually, your wrong thinking will crop up like crab grass and cause your right actions to cease. Then the vicious cycle will start up again. You get upset and discouraged and you start overeating again. It is like this with every other issue in your life as well. How many executives do you know that are miserable, crabby people? They have the job. They have the money and they are still unhappy. That’s an example of the product of wrong thinking.

Right, positive thoughts will change wrong actions. When you start washing your brain with good thoughts about yourself, it is inevitable that your actions will follow. There is no way that you can be positive about yourself and let’s say, commit suicide. You cannot wake up one morning, feeling and thinking good things about yourself and decide that you’re going to kill yourself. When you’re positive about yourself, no matter what situation you are in, no matter what station in life you find yourself right now, there is hope. And you can’t help but follow down that bright path.

Don’t listen to what anyone has to say about you. Right or wrong, people are going to talk about you. Your bright light reminds them of how terribly sour their lives are. Instead of taking your brilliant example to heart, they’ll try to bring you down to their pit of mud and despair. Refuse to listen. Better yet, avoid these people as much as possible. You cannot afford to be around these parasites.

Find and cultivate a network of people that will be a benefit to you. Hang out with people that edify and not destroy you, that add and not take away from you. You have no time for gossip or any of that other negative life hindering junk. Remember, successful people breed successful people.

And it starts with you.

Finally, be balanced with your positive thoughts. Don’t think you’re superior to anyone else. You will certainly sabotage your climb to success. No one likes a stuck up person. These kinds of people are annoying. Stuck up people never have the goods to back up their perceived superiority. That’s why they need to boost their ego on the account of everyone else. They have nothing to offer.

But you do. I know you do. I believe in you.

Now go forward and claim your awesome future, mi raza Latina!
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