Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Christian Politics: The American Freak Show

Just a few days after the whole immigration debate lit up the political landscape across America, I received a strange e-mail from a well-known Christian organization. It proceeded to describe in detail the utter horrors of allowing illegal immigrants into our country. The writer told me that it was my Christian duty to vote for anti-immigrant laws and to support anti-immigrant politicians.

Blink, blink… excuse me?

Hold on there, pokey. Wasn’t it Jesus that said that it was our Christian duty to “love others as we love ourselves”? If my memory serves me correctly, that’s the second greatest commandment. Furthermore, I can’t find anywhere written in the Bible where Jesus Christ participated in local, state or national politics or told anyone to indulge in politics. In fact, not once, during His preaching, did He ever say to His listeners, “Vote for…” or “Endorse platform…”

The question that begs to be asked is, “Why are “Christian” ministers preaching politics from their pulpits?” Somehow, through some awful twisted logic, being a Christian has become synonymous with Bible-bashing and endorsing the Republican Party! Failure to do so gets a person branded as a “bad Christian”.

You know what? As my Southern friend would say, “That’s a load of hogwash.” I’ll take my chances with God and love all of my neighbors, white, black, brown, and all colors in between, gays, straight, lesbians, and all those that civilized society brands as “freaks”. I don’t think the God I know would fault me for being compassionate, giving and caring.

Oddly, I really believe in my heart of hearts that God would not approve of the boatload of pooty that’s being passed as “Christian Conservatism”.

I’ll accept my ex-communication now, please. Thank you.
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