Thursday, April 13, 2006

Corporate America Makes Big $$$ Off Your Charity!

Many people find donating old clothes and goods to charities a fine method of clearing out their cupboards and making space in their closets. Charities often make use of clothing collection bins to gather donations from people's homes. However, some of these charity collections bins are bogus.

Are you helping a collection company make FREE money off of your goodwill? There are collection companies that pose as charities, collecting clothes from various drop off bins through out the US. These bins give the misleading impression that the items are being collected for charitable purposes. In reality, the collections seem to be organized by commercial operators who sell the donated items for profit.

Folks, when you help your neighbor in need, do it wisely. Make sure you're giving to NON-PROFIT organizations like Goodwill and The Salvation Army. Non-profits will give you a receipt for tax purposes when you take your donations to their collection sites. All it takes is a short phone call and a few minutes of your time on the week-end. This way you've made sure that you're helping those in need and not contributing to corporate greed.

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