Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Played...

They say there’s nothing new under the sun. Everything that is being done has been done time and time again. It is the same play with different actors. All this holds true for the Republicans.

Here’s the truth: the Republican ship is rife with holes and it’s sinking fast. They lie about the current recession, about Iraq and the job market. Most of us are seeing the blatant contrast between the rancid bologna the politicos are trying to force down our collective throats and the stark reality we see before us.

The recession continues. Jobs are not being created. Just because the Unemployment claims are falling, it doesn’t mean that people are finding decent paying jobs. How could they? More and more companies are going overseas seeking cheap labor. Not everyone’s working for Wal-Mart, BK or Mickey D’s. Thousands are surviving by the grace of God and handouts from the Salvation Army or local food pantries.

John and Jane Q. Public are insanely furious. Their once trusted politicians aren’t doing anything to stem the flow. The American dream is slowly bleeding to death.

However, there’s a larger and more frightening picture.

What about our troops in Iraq? We want the war to end and our families back home NOW. But to what will they be coming home? What is America going to do with the influx of troops seeking jobs? There are so very little to be found. What is a tank driver going to do for a living? I don’t think there’s a huge call for tank drivers in the civilian life.

So the troops return to unemployment and welfare. What happens when those public services run out?

How is that going to affect our failing economy? The economy is going to bottom out. Welcome to the new depression.

Hold on! Don’t fill my mailbox with scathing e-mails. I am not advocating that our troops should stay in Iraq. Let’s zoom out the picture just one more time.

The reality is that our troops aren’t coming home... yet. There’s one more play in the White House game book. That’s Iran. If the troops return home, and the White House decides to go into Iran, it would cost more to re-deploy an already over extended and exhausted Army from the US. It would cost less, however, if we deploy troops from, let’s say, Iraq. Would it not? I mean, they are already there, aren’t they? Didn’t GW say recently that the “troops will be in Iraq for years?” Did you ever wonder why?

Now, let me ask you something. Wouldn’t another war just push the American people over the edge? Oh yeah. You better believe it.

The Republicans know this. They want to stay in power. It’s election time. How many Conservative senators, representatives, governors, and local politicians do you think will be around the day after the elections?

So, what ace do the Republicans have up their sleeves? What will change the people’s focus? Why… illegal immigration, of course.

Republicans were not counting on the Latino outrage and show of unity. Historically, Latinos have been quiet and in the shadows. We work hard, raise our families and mind our own business. Immigrants are so happy just to be able to work; they don’t have time to bother with anything else. Foolishly, Reps poked the sleeping bear in the eye. Now Papa Bear is furious.

Seems like they can’t do anything right, huh?

The criminalization of illegal immigrants is just a smokescreen made to shift the focus from the real issues.

And America is being played like a big ole violin.
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