Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hypocrisy… Made in America.

Settling in tonight to watch the evening news, I noticed a striking difference between the English and Spanish speaking reporters at the immigrant rally across the US. As I changed the channels, I noticed that while Fox News and others reporters were interviewing immigrants, they peppered every other question with words like illegal and undocumented. It was almost as if these reporters had taken it upon themselves to out every illegal immigrant they could find at the rallies.

In contrast, Spanish-speaking reporters were reporting the events as it happened, without any agenda whatsoever. No sarcasm, no innuendo. Just plain ole humdrum reporting.

I then wondered what was the big deal? Yes, illegal is illegal. I've made no bones about it in my previous posts. However, it seems downright hypocritical that now, at this pivotal point in Republican politics, immigrants have become the focus of a nation-wide Conservative sponsored witch hunt.

Immigrants obviously have been in America for years. Almost no one in Washington had said a peep about illegal immigration. In fact, no one said anything when illegal immigrants bought tons of merchandise from stores, paying state and local taxes on said purchases. Not one merchant bothered to utter a harsh word against them when they bought cars, lottery tickets, medicine, clothes and electronics with the money they illegally made.

Not one American citizen said anything when they bought KFC or Tyson chicken processed in slaughterhouses by illegals. No one was up in arms when they bought hamburgers cooked by undocumented workers. No one said anything when they purchased fruits, coffee beans and vegetables picked by these people that are now being criminalized for working the very jobs American citizens refuse to do.

Now conservative America wants to act sanctimonious and denounce the illegal immigrants as apostates of decent society.

What's next, burning at the stake?
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