Monday, April 10, 2006

The Newest Racial Weapon: The Fear of the Brown Man!

I was listening to a conservative talk show*** this morning. The host and his callers all were conversing about their fear of illegal immigrants and of Muslim terrorists.

The fear compiled into a theory I've never heard. This theory states that Arab Muslim terrorists are learning Spanish, taking Mexican aliases, and getting into America under the guise of illegal immigrants looking for work. If true, the host stated, it gives the government even greater reason to close the borders and deport illegal immigrants.


I lived in NE Ohio when 9/11 took place. Suddenly, my neighbors were looking at me differently. Their stares were not very neighborly to say the least. It was a very dangerous time for me. So much so, I had to hang a Puerto Rican flag from the rear view mirror of my Jeep just to let them know I was Latino and not an Arab. Obviously, Arabs, Muslim or not, were not very popular in the Mid-West. In fact, I had to explain to a few that Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean, a territory of the US since the 1898 and a Commonwealth since 1952. Not one of them had a clue that Puerto Rico existed!

An intelligent person would deduce that in view of the hatred that many conservative talk-radio shows, columnists and politicians are whipping up against Latinos, that we would be the last group that any terrorist in the world would want to pretend to be. Wouldn't you agree?

The conservative fear of Arab Muslims trying to pass themselves off as Latinos is just part of their racist fantasy of ridding the country of dark-skinned people. This way, conservatives figure they can get rid of two groups of non-whites at the same time.

Let's have some fun at their expense. Let's feed their paranoia. We can tell them that there are far more Muslims in Asia than there are in the Middle East, and that a Chinese, Filipino, Malaysian or Indonesian Muslim doesn't look any different than a Chinese, Filipino, Malaysian or Indonesian non-Muslim. It'll be way easier for them to blend in here than it will be for a person from Beirut to try to pass himself off as someone from Tijuana!

Let 'em chew on that for a while. Heh.

Or we can really start the ball rolling by looking at white people. You know, a lot of white skinned people look Irish and may very well be IRA terrorists disguised as Anglo-Americans. We can even toss Bosnian immigrants into the mix. After all, they could be Muslim terrorists from Bosnia, right?

Does it sound extremely far-fetched? Sadly, not really.

*** I won’t name the show. I don’t want to get sued.
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