Monday, April 24, 2006

Perception and the Media

As I was walking around town this morning (Yes, I do walk...) I observed itty bitty people draped in itty bitty clothes and looking very confident in their sickly looks. I had to battle an almost overwhelming urge to feed these human walking sticks.

Later in my walk, I spotted a free newspaper stand. On the cover of the paper inside, was an itty bitty woman who's bones were draped by an itty bitty sparkly bikini. I suppose that's the definition of sexy nowadays?

Did it make me salivate? Did it flood my mind with sexual fantasies? Hardly. Actually, the whole mental experience disturbed me.

You see, the media grinds into our minds that this is the apex of health and beauty:

On the other hand, this poor soul is considered unhealthy and ugly:

I fail to see the difference.
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