Saturday, April 29, 2006

Racist Online and PC Games

Aryan group The Insurgent and other racist organizations have published on the Internet (and selling) games that promotes racial hatred and the cold blooded MURDER of men, women and children not White.

Citing the First Amendment, the Insurgent webmaster(s) give the following warning to web surfers who happen upon the site: The material supplied is NOT an instruction or a directive to use against anyone. However, if one does take the information provided and acts violently upon it, it is their responsibility and solely theirs.

Please spare me the bull.

Another hate promoting game is called Ethnic Cleansing which sells for $15 and is played on a user's PC. I gather from the game's description, a white soldier is on a mission to hunt down Latinos and Blacks and gets extra points for killing Jews.

The web site Water Cooler Games reviews Border Patrol, in which Mexicans (including pregnant women called breeders) are shot while attempting to cross the US-Mexican border.

It's time to close these sites down, mi gente. Make your calls.
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