Thursday, April 27, 2006

Speaking in Tongues: Bush and Big Oil

President Bush comes across as a concerned father when he makes speeches about putting the brakes on big oil and skyrocketing gas prices. However, what he isn't telling America is that he is not the "decider" in this case. He can shake the cage all he wants but he's only getting a bored yawn from the animal inside.

He is failing to tell us is that it is mostly up to Congress to move against price gouging. However, Congress won't do a thing to stop it. Why? Big Oil has most of Congress in its pocket.

What President Bush needs to tell American voters is to flood their state's Senators and Representatives with phone calls and e-mail and demand swift action. Bush won't do that because he fears Congress will turn on him, possibly starting impeachment procedures.

Bush is force feeding us yet another dish of raw liver. The gov't isn't going to do anything that will exceedingly relieve the financial pressure at the pumps.

So, America, it's up to us. I' ll tell you what our Commander-In-Chief will not.

I don't think Congress takes America seriously. They believe we're full of hot air. Maybe we should show them through lawful means that we're done being pushovers? Call your Congressmen. Tell them in no uncertain terms that you're fed up. Put them on notice that if they will not take action against Big Oil now, YOU WILL VOTE THEM OUT.

Why should we allow them to continue to get a nice paycheck when they do not worry about ours?

Step up, America or shut up.

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