Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Al Gore on the Rise… Maybe.

Gore had a high unfavorable rating due largely to the smear campaign directed against him in the presidential race in 2000. Presidential campaigns are never amicable affairs. However, in 2000, the race was unique. The media were completely coordinated in thrashing Gore for even the most mundane things.

Before 2000, former Vice President Gore had the reputation of a dedicated, if somewhat dull, public servant. During 2000, he was treated as some sort of freaked out maniac. For example, his critique of the impending Iraq War was brutalized as some sort of bizarre bombast.

He has since been proven 100% right.

Was he ardent in his speeches? Of course he was. He cared. At the time, Congress, the mainstream media and most of America had its collective head in the sand while the country marched into disaster. The substance of his speeches was entirely rational.

In hindsight, most people now agree with Al Gore and wish they never heard or seen the name of G.W. Bush.

Incidentally, have any newspapers or talking heads apologized? No.

Everything he said about the Iraq War was entirely true. Actually, the War has turned out worse than he predicted. Not even the war's harshest critics predicted Abu Ghraib.

Gore’s critics may say the abovementioned is pure baloney. But let me ask this:

Are you honestly telling me that if people are continuously hearing that a candidate is a nut job and a liar, it's not going to affect how some people vote? Please spare me the rhetoric.

I believe Al Gore would make a fine president. We have seen where the Bush Administration has taken the American people. It’s time for rational and sound minds to prevail in the White House.

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