Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Border Security or Political Favor?

Last night, President Bush revealed his plan to secure America's border with Mexico. The plan, however, has more holes that a block of Swiss cheese in a mouse hole. He wants to send 6000 unarmed National Guard troops to serve as intel gatherers for the INS, Customs and Border Patrol.

Unarmed? I am not worried about our troops getting fired upon by illegal immigrants as much as they could get shot by the "friendly fire" of the armed to the teeth vigilante groups already there. What Bush needs to do is get rid of these racist wannabe Keystone Cops vigilante groups instead of ignoring them. Let the professionals who have been properly trained do their jobs and order these filthy gutter rats to goose-step back to the outhouses from which they came.

The rotation schedule Bush proposed required a total of 156,000 troops from an already overextended National Guard. Let's pray that hurricane season is not as bad as scientists say it's going to be this year. Pray tell, where are we going to muster troops if another Katrina hits this year? What about forrest fires? What about any other national natural disaster? Are we prepared to handle those events as well? If last year's Katrina debacle was any indication of our Federal government's readiness, God help us.

This is not border security. This is merely political favor disguised as national interest. What nauseates me is the extent that politicians are willing to go and who they are willing to placate to secure their congressional seats and hefty paychecks!

Bush said his guestworker program is "...a way for those who have broken the law to pay their debt to society and demonstrate the character that makes a good citizen."

I agree. Let's start with the current White House administration.

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