Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Breaking News: Counterterrorism Funding Cut to NYC, Washington D.C.!

Fox Five News in New York announced tonight that Homeland Security drastically cut Federal funding to New York City and Washington DC that is used to protect the two cities from future terrorist attacks.

The funding cuts amounts to a 40% decrease from last year's $207,000,000 allotted terrorist fighting budget.

Ironically, DHS awarded the State of Georgia a 40% increase to their overall budget.

Speculators say that Georgia's increase can be used to fund hurricane relief if a Katrina-like disaster occurs.

This will be updated as the story unfolds. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Click here for further information.

Critics say that most states that received an increase in their budgets are "red" states held by the GOP such as Nebraska, Georgia and Kentucky. More details here.

Moreover, New York Daily News' journalist, Michael Daly wrote, "Whatever the motivation, the department has issued a bizarre document that cuts our funding by 40%, says there are no icons to protect and slams the Police Department that has taken the lead in the fight against terrorism. The top of the document might as well read Homeland Security to New York: Drop Dead."

Folks, this is just another glaring example of how low the Bush Administration and his GOP cronies are willing to go to secure conservative votes in the coming election: putting the lives of American citizens on the line for selfish purposes.

And if they are willing to this, what else are they capable of doing next?

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