Friday, May 19, 2006

From Nigeria… with Love

You’d think it would be obvious to anyone that a love letter from Nigeria could only mean one thing: a scam. Yet, despite the numerous TV reports and newspaper articles exposing these scumbags posing as modern day cyber-Romeos, thousands of the lovelorn fall into their well-orchestrated traps every year.

Posing as sweet and romantic cupids, they insidiously creep into the lives and bank accounts of lonely women and men looking for love. They slowly earn their unsuspecting victims’ confidence and trust until suddenly, they leave them high and dry… and broke.

This may have happened to you. Maybe you know someone who was bamboozled by these Internet con artists? Either way, check out Romance Scam, an online database that collects stories and pictures of the latest scammers out there. If you’re looking for your soul mate or just hitting the dating scene, you owe it to yourself to be well informed.

The next time someone pops in on IM with oooh la la on their mind, ask yourself if his or her profile and picture are too good to be true? More times than not, it is. Heck, they may not even be real.

The wrong decision can leave you bankrupt, both in your bank account and in your heart.

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