Thursday, May 04, 2006

Latino Boy Beaten By White Men in Utah

Two white males in their 20's brutally beat and broke three facial bones of 15 year old Mexican teen-ager on the way to school in Utah. According to the victim, his assailants yelled racial slurs while beating him. Prosecutors, however, are debating whether to treat this as a hate crime.

This news is a few days old but it needs to be told since main stream national news media has yet to report this savage beating inflicted on a Latino child, who is only known as "Felipe" due to his young age. With the minor exception of the local ABC news affiliate which failed to mention that the boy is Mexican in their headlines. View video here.

Latino Boy Get Beat Down for Being LatinoI want to take this moment to address the Latino Conservatives who continue to think that the Anglo Conservatives view them as equals. They don't.

Take a good look at the image. This could have been your child.

Time to wake up, mi gente.

***Hat tip to Latino Pundit for making us aware of this story.
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