Thursday, May 25, 2006

NYC Mayor Promotes American Worker DNA Database

Adding his two cents into the national immigration debate, Republican New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he would like Congress to pass legislation creating a national database that contains the DNA or fingerprints of all legal US workers.

Bloomberg stated that social security cards can be forged using Photoshop and passed as the real thing. What he failed to mention is that the Federal government has a database of all social security numbers and can tell if one is false by a simple search.

NBC 4 reported today that plans were in the works for a NYC database containing the DNA of city workers, spearheaded by the Mayor.

New York Civil Liberties Union director, Donna Lieberman said the proposal "doesn't sound like the free society we think we're living in. It will inevitably be used not just by employers but by law enforcement, government agencies, schools and all over the private sector."

I concur. The last thing we need is yet another way to siphon off more of our civil rights under the disguise of "national security".

GOP Mayor M. Bloomberg

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