Friday, May 19, 2006

What is Congress Really Hiding?

For the last few months or so, Congress has pushed for immigration reforms, an English only nation, and anything that appears to be against Spanish speaking people in the US. Why?

I believe it's because the GOP knows it is seriously falling in the polls. They fear they will lose their Congressional seats.

Think about it.

Republicans had all these years to do something about illegal immigrants. What happened? Nothing.

All of the sudden, illegal immigrants are criminalized and possibly viewed worse than Osama and al-Qaeda. By the way, Osama still remains at large and I still have yet to hear reports of terrorists trying to slip into the US pretending to be immigrants.

Out of the blue, we have a national crisis that requires the deployment of the National Guard.

Congress lately feels the need to erect a barrier reminiscent of the Berlin Wall along the southern border for national protection. Funny, I don't feel more protected. Do you?

Congress, if you really want to protect America, what about the Canadian border? What about the East and West coasts? Huh? What? The silence is glaring.

What America is hearing loud and clearly from the Hill is that they really think we are idiots! They think we're blind to their blatant political posturing. No, we're not. Look at the polls.

Here's an idea. Since the immigrants come here to do "jobs Americans won't do" let's close the borders and deport 11 million illegals. Then let's get all those Americans who are on welfare rolls bleeding the system dry, all those who are on unemployment insurance because of outsourcing to other countries, and make them do the jobs that they refuse to do.

What? We can't do that? Why not? Oh I see. They might vote you out of Congress.

We can't have that now, can we?

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