Monday, May 22, 2006

With Liberty and Justice for... All?

Manuel Bartsch is a teenager who has graduated high school and looks forward to going to college in Ohio. The only thing impeding him from making his dream come true is that he is an illegal immigrant.

There are many like this fine young man here in America who have dreams of going to school or just working to earn a decent living. Like Bartsch, their only obstacle is that they too are illegal immigrants.

We've heard and read the news about GOP politicians and many American citizens trying to make these people outlaws, placing them in the same league as drug dealers, murderers and child abusers. We've seen vigilante groups assemble in various states to combat this "national crisis".

This is something I noticed. Republican senators in Ohio are trying to keep the young teenager from being deported back to Germany. These are same GOP senators that want to deport millions of hard working Latino illegal immigrants back to Mexico.

I also noticed there are no reports about groups from the Minuteman Project mobbing Bartsch home demanding his deportation. Generally speaking, Bartsch, has received the support of his neighbors.

Why is Bartsch getting preferential treatment from politicians and the general public?

Could it be because Bartsch is a white illegal immigrant?

Manuel Bartsch

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