Thursday, June 29, 2006

West Nile Virus Found in PA!

"While most people infected do not get sick, a small percentage of those infected will experience a fever, rash, headache, meningitis (inflammation of the tissue surrounding the brain), encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) or even death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lawsuits Declare Diebold Machines Flawed

Lawsuits have been filed in several states against the purchasing of Diebold's error prone electronic voting machines.
Most of the suits argue that the machines are vulnerable to software tampering, don't keep an easily recountable printed record and may miscount, switch or not record votes and even add phantom votes.
The Latino Edge bought this issue to its readers recently.

And what does Diebold say about this latest blow to its glitch prone product?
Diebold, a major manufacturer, says the vulnerability is theoretical and will be fixed this year.
Theoretical? It seems Diebold's bigwigs are saying that theoretically they want the machines to work but in reality, the machines are garbage.

Fixed this year? This has been an on going problem since 2000! They've had seven years to fix this known bug in their software. Can we trust that Diebold's hired guns will get it right now? After all, Diebold out sources much of its high tech projects to recruiting firms around the country.

Let's look at some of the facts. Diebold is a major contributor to the GOP financial war chest. The GOP is in danger of losing control of Congress and possibly the White House. Seventy percent of Americans polled disapprove of the GOP, President Bush and the War in Iraq. We may see a military push into Iran in the near future.

Here's my theory: I seriously doubt we'll see a bug fix forthcoming from Diebold...

...that actually works.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Military Draft List is Alive and Well in the US

If an American male specializes in a field as a health care worker or computer programmer, he could be ordered into US military service up to the age of 44 years old with the consensus of Congress.

Before the critics balk at such a statement, I suggest a visit to the Selective Service website and read.

The Selective Service System is America's proven and time-tested hedge against underestimating the number of active duty and Reserve Component military personnel needed in a future conflict. In peacetime, the Agency is minimally staffed and heavily dependent upon part-time personnel and volunteers throughout the United States to keep viable the Nation's ability to conduct a draft that would be timely, fair, and equitable in a crisis. As a part of that readiness, virtually all men in the U.S. are required to register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Men must be registered to be in compliance with federal law and stay eligible for student loans and grants, government jobs, job training, all security background clearances, and U.S. citizenship for immigrants.

Could this why the FBI and the NSA are ardently pushing for databases containing private US citizen information? That certainly would make Vietnam-like draft dodging impossible.

Don't be shocked if suddenly immigrants would be granted US citizenship in the very near future. That act alone would add millions in additional manpower to the military. This could be a reason why 11 million immigrants in the US survived all these years unhindered, don't you agree?

We could very well be seeing many of our high school graduates turning in their diplomas for forced upon dog-tags. Once a man is in the military, he is in and can't do a thing about it. Included being forced to be injected with personnel tracking technology.

I know this all sounds like a very bad B-movie. But you have to admit the timing of all these events is truly spooky.

Ex-CIA Analyst: Iran Summer Strike Ready to Go

Is it possible? Would the Bush Administration stage terrorist attacks in Europe and the US to justify a military push into Iran? Would they use this to drum up patriotic approval, the likes not seen since 9/11? This is the horrific scenario that former CIA analyst and Presidential advisor Ray McGovern is predicting for the near future.

Asked to cite specifically when we should expect to see an attack launched, McGovern said, "I think we all agree that an attack is likely before the election and we all agree that it has to do largely with the election - as for timing I see a likelihood that it could come as early as late June or early July, most of my colleagues predict August, September, maybe an October surprise even."

The Latino Edge has been covering this issue since the New Yorker magazine ran a similar article last April. We later learned that President Bush had refused... to rule out nuclear strikes against Iran if diplomacy fails to curb the Islamic Republic's atomic ambitions.

Get ready, America. We are about to see events we thought were only the stuff of Hollywood movies.

I wouldn't be surprised if the military draft bill was revisted and reinstated.

Friday, June 02, 2006

RFK: GOP Rigged 2004 Elections

The Rolling Stone published an article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, in which he elaborates in fine detail how the Republicans prevented hundreds of thousands of Ohio votes from being counted.

Indeed, the extent of the GOP's effort to rig the vote shocked even the most experienced observers of American elections. ''Ohio was as dirty an election as America has ever seen,'' Lou Harris, the father of modern political polling, told me. ''You look at the turnout and votes in individual precincts, compared to the historic patterns in those counties, and you can tell where the discrepancies are. They stand out like a sore thumb.''

The Latino Edge had called this one early. With the GOP in total meltdown, Democrats need to practice hypervigilance and be abnormally paranoid. You see, in 2004, the Democrats made a fatal mistake. They relaxed. Thinking they had the elections in the bag, they failed to keep watch at their backdoor. And that's how the thieves sneaked in. Hopefully this time around, Ohio will be scrutinized with a mother hen's eyeball.

Here's one of the buzz words for the November 2006: Diebold. Here it is again: Diebold.

If you see that word on your voting machine, be very, very afraid.