Saturday, June 03, 2006

Military Draft List is Alive and Well in the US

If an American male specializes in a field as a health care worker or computer programmer, he could be ordered into US military service up to the age of 44 years old with the consensus of Congress.

Before the critics balk at such a statement, I suggest a visit to the Selective Service website and read.

The Selective Service System is America's proven and time-tested hedge against underestimating the number of active duty and Reserve Component military personnel needed in a future conflict. In peacetime, the Agency is minimally staffed and heavily dependent upon part-time personnel and volunteers throughout the United States to keep viable the Nation's ability to conduct a draft that would be timely, fair, and equitable in a crisis. As a part of that readiness, virtually all men in the U.S. are required to register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Men must be registered to be in compliance with federal law and stay eligible for student loans and grants, government jobs, job training, all security background clearances, and U.S. citizenship for immigrants.

Could this why the FBI and the NSA are ardently pushing for databases containing private US citizen information? That certainly would make Vietnam-like draft dodging impossible.

Don't be shocked if suddenly immigrants would be granted US citizenship in the very near future. That act alone would add millions in additional manpower to the military. This could be a reason why 11 million immigrants in the US survived all these years unhindered, don't you agree?

We could very well be seeing many of our high school graduates turning in their diplomas for forced upon dog-tags. Once a man is in the military, he is in and can't do a thing about it. Included being forced to be injected with personnel tracking technology.

I know this all sounds like a very bad B-movie. But you have to admit the timing of all these events is truly spooky.

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