Monday, August 28, 2006

Getting the Drop on Islam

We want to read stories that fit our existing world views, whether those views are accurate or not. And we want to satisfy our emotional needs, because the bottom line is that's where we all seek happiness and gratification.

As human beings, we want to know that our world remains consistent. We like the status quo. Once we achieve the level of happiness we think we deserve, we regard with contempt anything or anyone that brings change to our created world. And we will lie to ourselves. We blind ourselves to those events which interrupt and invade our view of reality.

Ironically, we also want to read about those things that will help us make good decisions in our complex world.

Excellent writers are harbingers. We point out the coming disastrous events on the horizon. We writers want people to be informed. We call our readership to be prepared and take action.

Since 9/11, the world has been living like the proverbial cat trapped in a rocking chair factory. We want to be safe. We think we are safe. We will even lie to ourselves to feel secure. But in our hearts of hearts, we know we are not safe.

Each day since 9/11, names like Osama, Saddam and Islam have become as common as Elvis and The Beatles. To most people, that's a scary thought. It indicates a change in direction. It signals a violent toss out of their collective comfort zones. Personally, I don't like it one bit.

While this is the reality of our times, we need not to be caught unaware.

You ever wonder what Islam is really about? How is it that Arab-Americans who identify themselves as Muslim insist they are part of a peaceful religion, while we have witnessed that in many parts of the world, Islam is anything but peaceful? The fact is that many Arab-Americans who identify themselves as Muslim are peaceful... and secular.

Islam and it's true followers are not peaceful. It's a very warlike religion, piting itself against all kafirs or infidels. It will not rest until they convert all to Islam... or exterminate all non-believers through terrorism.

You see, Muslim-extremists don't care about the American, British or even Middle Eastern dream. They don't care about your children, spouse or family. All they care is what they think what the world at large should be... Allah World.

Don't these Muslim-extremists remind you of Hitler's Nazis, Mussolini's facist regime, Idi Amin, and even the American Klu Klux Klan? Folks, what exactly did we do then? We fought back with good information, right decision and decisive action... and we won.

Here's a good start... good information on an enemy hell-bent on destroying the rest of the world.

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