Monday, August 28, 2006

Muslim Sect Maims Its Own Children in Barbaric Ritual!

This video speaks for itself of the "peacefulness" of Islam.

Can you imagine doing this to your own children?

Parents are the same all over, aren't they? They just can't resist taking videos of their kids with pasta, cake, jello or blood all over their faces.

To the critics , before you cry intolerance, I direct your attention to Exhibit A: real world violence toward children for fanatical purposes.

Senator Clinton, you're correct. It takes a village... of maniacs to raise a muslim child. It just so happens that in America, it's called child abuse.

Heaven help us.

Warning: this video contains images of blood, violence, and the deliberate scalp (head) cutting of babies and children. Not for the viewing of the fragile in nature or children. Please forgive us, but the truth must be told. **

** A hat tip to Jose Bernal who pointed this horrific video out to The Latino Edge.

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