Friday, August 25, 2006

US Airline Imports Dynamite on Jet

A stick of dynamite was found in the baggage of an American college student today in Houston, Texas. Incredibly, the explosive was allowed on the Continental Airline jet plane carrying 173 passengers coming in from Argentina. And while ICE, FBI and other federal agencies did an outstanding job of finding the explosive without lost of life and property, this writer finds a glaring hole that is probably being overlooked or mentioned in hushed tones:

Let's forget security in the Argentinean airport. Forget the idiot who thought nothing of stashing a stick of unstable and potentially life cutting dynamite in his bag.

How could an American airline company allow an explosive on it's airplane and bring it into the United States?!

My father, who loves to travel extensively throughout the US, just so happens to use Continental as his first choice airline. Should I be extremely concerned for his safety? You bet. And so should you be concerned with the safety of your loved ones.

Thank God this was not a dirty bomb...

Get the hint Continental?

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