Monday, September 04, 2006

Fortune 500 Companies Duel for Hispanic Professionals

There is a true battle to obtain qualified personnel, especially Hispanics with masters or doctorate degrees, said David Bruno, co-owner of DHR International, out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The competition between Fortune 500 companies to contract both bilingual and bicultural executives makes more and more industries depend on recruiting companies such as Bruno's to fill the demand.

Many times we receive calls from companies demanding the best and they also be Hispanic candidates, said Bruno. Out of 250 candidates, perhaps only 20 are of Hispanic origin, he continued.

He indicated that because of the enormous Hispanic population growth in the entire United States, companies realized that it isn't enough to simply translate an English language ad into Spanish. It requires a true understanding of the Hispanic culture and language to reach the Hispanic market, Bruno clarified. In other words, it has nothing to do with political quotas or Affirmative Action.

According to the Census Bureau, Hispanics are the majority minority in places like Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. Latinos are also the largest in population growth. These numbers strongly rallies the interests of companies large and small, to demand Hispanic professionals, said Bruno to The Latino Edge.

It is calculated that Hispanics in the United States have in their collective possession more than $700 million in buying power. That buying power predicted to grow substantially yearly. And so will the need for Hispanic professionals.

From one to ten, with ten signifying the greatest demand, I believe the demand for Hispanic professionals reaches a seven or eight in the American business landscape, Bruno finalized.

English philosopher, Sir Francis Bacon said Knowledge is power. Here is the open invitation by America for Hispanics to take advantage to educate themselves , to harness the powerful Hispanic market and to make it work for us and our families for generations to come.

But remember, we must walk through that door before we see any positive results in our lives. Here is the opportunity to go from I wish I was somebody to I am somebody.

I suggest we take it and make it ours.

¡Que viva la raza Latina!

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