Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Can You Handle Success?

The wise and powerful Sir Winston Churchill eloquently said, "The price of greatness is responsibility."

Oh! The halls of Fortune are filled with the groans and tears of the "had it and lost".

We all want success. Better yet, we want what we think is success. Success for you is not the same deal for me. I want to be richer than Bill Gates. I figure if a geek like him can become a billionaire, as geek like me can become one too. Too lofty, you say? Not on your life. Why fish for guppies when you can fish for great whites?

Yet, there's one gaping hole in our collective bag of goodies. All the pixie dust in Neverland won't matter if we don't learn one monumental lesson. We need to learn how to handle success when it comes.

You need to take this to heart. I'll tell you why.

Some people rise like a demon chased rocket - then fall from the heavens like a screaming millstone. It's one thing to win the lottery. It's quite another to still be a millionaire one year later. You can get the opportunity of a life time and lose it forever the next day. You can own a house (finally) and lose it in foreclosure 18 months down the line. Guys, you finally have the woman of your dreams. She agrees to marry you. Oh my God! Heaven on earth! Brother let me tell you something right quick. If you fail to take care of her and be responsive to her needs, someone else is on the sidelines waiting to take your place. And they will. You let it happen. You will be crying in your beer, listening to sloppy sad songs at some roach infested dive while he keeps her secure and warm. That's reality.

HOWEVER, we can learn how to achieve success... and keep it for the rest of our days. I'm not saying it sure fire. Nothing is 100% in the bag. This is life, my friends. In life, pooty happens. Right? Of course. But, if we learn the necessary skills to keep our hard and painfully earned success, pooty happens less frequently in our lives.

Say no to pooty. Keep your piece of cake and eat it too.

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