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Surefire Tips to Save Money, Make Money, Fix Your Credit and More!

With the Thanksgiving holiday just days away, I have prepared a feast for you, my dear readers; a kind of link smorgasbord. And it's healthy, fat-free and contains no tryptophan!

The following links need no introduction from me… because they all have great headlines that either make clear the promise or draw you in with curiosity. So get your plates ready, get in line and feast as much as you want!

  • Radical Thinking For Success!
  • One Step Ahead of the Herd
  • Three Simple Steps to Success
  • How to Start Your Small Business: It's Easier Than You Think!
  • 5 Important Things You Should Know About Your Credit Report
  • Simple Rules for Getting What You Want!

  • I've also found quite a few extremely helpful articles I was to share with you: 10 Ways to Immediately Start Saving Money, Surefire Ways to Manage Your Credit Rating , and Millionaires Before 40!

    And for desert, more tried and true reading materials to secure your financial health!

    SPECIAL BONUS! Marketing guru, Blair Borthayre has made ONLY AVAILABLE for The Latino Edge readers a 10% discount on her books, cds and other products!

    If that wasn't enough, if you're into podcasting and want to get some serious advice on small business ventures, check out The Great Big Small Business Show.

    Folks, that’s it for this Thanksgiving week edition of The Latino Edge. As always, I welcome your comments and always looking for ways to improve TLE just for you!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Monday, November 13, 2006

    3 Simple Steps to Success

    In the market today, there are copious amounts of books written on how to succeed in business. It seems that every author has a "formula". We are told that if we follow this "formula", we will succeed in our chosen profession. That's not necessarily true.

    I must admit that there are some well written and highly acclaimed books (like
    Blaire Borthayre and Richard Templar's masterpieces) and some... well, they are too complicated and filled with information that we don't really need.

    I'm the type of person that doesn't waste time with fluff. I want to get to meat of the issue. I want it simple and effective. In fact so effective that I can use it right now. I don't want to take the scenic route to my destination. I don't want it tomorrow. Nor do I want it in five years.

    Give it to me. Today. Now!

    attitude, while it offends some, has served me well through out the years. It's kept me from accepting filler and garbage from situations and people. After all this is about my success.

    And it's about YOU.

    I'm going to give you, my dear readers, the simple, effective, heart of the matter frame work of your success. If you do this, you will succeed.

    1. See your goal.

    The secret to success is choosing one goal at a time and focusing all your energy into it at the right moment. It may start by asking yourself what do you want to do? Now, let's keep it realistic. That one question will set off a series of other questions. For example, if I want to learn a new language, it's not enough to want to learn it. Everyone wants something. You have to move towards your goal. That may entail going back to school or simply going to the corner store to purchase language software.

    2. Keep your goal in view.

    Do this as if you're watching a good movie. Your focus is your key to your success. When I'm online working, I only accept instant messages from people who are instrumental in helping me reach my goal. Everyone else goes to the back burner until I am done with my work. Is that rude? Absolutely not. When you go to the movie theater, do you like to be disturbed? Of course not. Your absolute focus is on that movie in front of you and you want no distractions. If you allow distractions, you'll miss out on the plot line and end up with half a story. You can apply the same principal to your goal.
    Accept no distractions. Your goal is your movie and your eyeballs should never ever look to the left or to the right. Your attention needs to become focused like laser beams. You eat, drink, sleep and talk about your goal. Your attention to your goal should be like a hen brooding over her chicks. You should be like a master sniper. That's how you keep your goal in view.

    I cannot emphasize the following enough: Most well meaning people fail at this very point. Be careful.

    3. Keep plugging away until you reach your goal.

    In geometry, there is a rule that says the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Keep looking for the straightest path to your goal. You can see your goal, you can focus on your goal. However, if you don't take the straightest possible steps to reach your goal, you'll remain standing there window shopping.

    Remember we started this article talking about series of questions? This is the point where that applies.

    How do you get from point A to point B? With whom do you need to talk? What information do you need? Where are you going to find it? Do you see the point, my friends?

    US President Franklin D. Roosevelt said it this way: "It isn't sufficient just to want - you've got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want."

    Fine tune your steps and separate the chaff from the wheat. Yes, please allow some flexibility to make changes in your journey.

    We look forward to hearing your story!

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    Saturday, November 11, 2006

    The Secret to Incredible Success in Hispanic Marketing!

    Blaire Borthayre, CEO and Author, Hispanic MarketingWhen it comes to forward-thinking business strategies, identifying new product, services, and business development opportunities in and for the US Hispanic market, Blaire Borthayre carries all the aces.

    She is an expert speaker and much sort after trainer and corporate consultant in the field of Hispanic Marketing. She is also the author of three highly acclaimed and masterfully written books: Marketing to the Hispanic Community: A Comprehensive Guide for Tax Preparation Offices, Working Effectively with Hispanic Clients: A Staff Training Manual and A Tax Preparer's Guide: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About ITINs. Her most recent book is titled Recruiting Hispanics: How to be Successful in Hiring Spanish Speakers.

    She has also volunteered for the past fifteen years as an advocate, interpreter and ESL instructor for Hispanic immigrants.

    Because of her enthusiastic and committed affection for the Latino community, Blaire vigorously tours the United States conducting no nonsense seminars that throughly trains major corporations about Hispanic marketing and recruitment.

    Blaire said: The Hispanic population surge in the United States has created both great potential and growing pains for many businesses. The economic potential is obvious for those who can effectively reach and serve a market consisting of over forty two million people...

    Mi gente, there's nothing like being at the right place at the right time. If you're thinking of opening your small business or you are a business owner who wishes to target the Hispanic market, Blaire Borthayre will give you the tools to realize your Hispanic-American dream.

    What are you waiting for?

    Tuesday, November 07, 2006

    How the Business Model Works

    In response to an e-mail sent to TLE recently, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and turn it into a business lesson for the benefit of all our readers.

    A reader asked why did we change the
    format? While writing articles on current events is of interest to some, TLE felt that we were repackaging what most blogs and all the media were writing about anyway. Yes, we gave it an edge and it was entertaining. Nevertheless, as a community based blog, TLE strives to give the audience what it wants and needs.

    We discovered that there is a lack of financial and relational information directed at the Latino culture. So we put out feelers and simply asked, "What do you need to see at TLE?" The response was overwhelming. As we suspected, our Latino audience wanted to know the "how to's" or the ins and outs of the business culture. Surprisingly, many men and women also wanted to read articles about relationships. In hindsight, Latinos are a very passionate people. Relationships are very important to us, believe it or not.

    The bottom line? The Latino Edge delivered.

    This blog exists to serve its audience and not the other way around. Yet, we must take into consideration that the majority spoke. There are a few people that loved the old format and we thank you. However, the larger portion of our readers spoke up and let us know what they wanted.

    You see, writing about GW's escapades, terrorism and other shenanigans doesn't edify the community's pocket. It isn't going to help in relationships of any kind.

    That's why we changed the format.

    We heard and we obeyed.


    Monday, November 06, 2006

    Ladies! See How Easily You Can "Catch Him and Keep Him"!

    The editors at The Latino Edge recieved many emails from the the fairer of the sexes. They all had one common thread: we want dating tips for women! Immediately we agreed that this request was quite fair. So we joined forces with dating expert, Christian Carter to bring to you the bleeding edge e-book called "Catch Him And Keep Him". This is the message Christian has for you:

    Tons of women do this one thing. And it must leave them feeling awful... I wonder if you do it too? I'm talking about women who hide their true feelings from a man and fear sharing their desire for a closer relationship and for love.

    Ever felt this way?

    It's happens when you won't communicate directly with a man about your feelings because you think you'll "scare him away". Unfortunately, you're right... it could scare him away.

    The way you talk to a man about a relationship turns out to be THE BIGGEST MISTAKE ANY WOMAN CAN MAKE WITH A MAN.

    I'll come back to this giant mistake in just a quick second...

    First, I'd like to talk about what I've seen in the dating world as a guy and share a FASCINATING story with you. I've had women communicate their feelings with me in all sorts of different ways from joy to anger to frustration, and I know what each one does to a man (and in a larger context, what communicating this way does to any person in general - man or woman). There's a pattern to the dating experiences that I'd like to share.


    (Let's pretend I'm the man in this story and you're the woman

    You and I meet. We both like each other. (lucky me!) Feelings develop for us both on several levels. (physically, emotionally, socially) You try to be "patient" and not express too many feelings and what you want to play it cool. We have a great "connection", but we never talk about what we want in our future around dating, a relationship or marriage. Time goes by and things are great for us.

    Eventually, you begin to see that you're not getting what you want from me in the relationship.

    You want more, but you're scared of talking to me about it because you don't know where I'm at. You're scared because I've talked to you about all the bad experiences I've had with women in the past. And sometimes I even make negative remarks about women and their emotions. You don't want to ruin the good things we have going and rock the boat, but in the back of your mind you know that you'll want to deal with the negative emotions that are slowly but surely building in your mind.

    Then as I start to see us growing closer, I begin to use my past issues to tell you that I'm not looking for much more than what we have right now. So you don't say anything to me directly to communicate what's going on for you and your feelings. And of course, being a normal guy, I don't say anything either. (Of course, I'm a man!)

    You become frustrated and confused that I'm not acting how I used to act. Things begin to change with the way I treat you. I don't pay as much attention to you anymore. I don't surprise you or bring you flowers anymore. I'm tired everyday after work and just want to watch TV when I get home. I call you less frequently. I don't initiate sex as much anymore. You even consider that I could be seeing someone else. And after a few months - I've become distant.

    So what happens next?

    You decide you're not happy with where things are and it's time to have a talk about where we're at. But you're SCARED of expressing your feelings about what you want, so you let things build up inside you until you begin to let your frustrations with me show.

    And to wrap the story up...


    You start a conversation about the relationship and then you "let me have it"(you get upset and lose your cool with me)! All your desires, fears, frustrations and dreams that you've been holding inside away from me all pour out in one big emotional explosion...

    This "Big Mistake" can take the form of arguing and yelling, but not exclusively. Sometimes it's just extreme intensity, perhaps tears.

    It might include:

    - Complaining about the current state of the relationship
    - Talking about the things he does wrong with you
    - Showing your frustrations about what you feel is missing
    - Becoming upset that he doesn't feel how you'd like him to feel
    - Bringing up past issues, arguments or disappointments

    But it always creates a lot of emotional tension and "drama". Especially in the guys mind. This is THE LAST THING you want to do with a man if you want to get some positive result with him. That tension that's created stays with him, and he NEVER forgets it. In his mind, he now thinks of you as "hysterical" and full of issues. His mind defines you by what he saw in your behavior, and it scares him. Yep, I know it's not fair, but it's the man's weird and twisted reality...

    I've heard hundreds, maybe thousands, of men talk about this exact perception of a woman and how they fear being with a woman who they think will make this giant mistake. Yeah, I know... it's immature, selfish and not fair of the man, but it's the reality of the situation that lots of women end up in with men.

    So how do you avoid this?

    I'll tell you how in THREE EASY STEPS.

    1. You Need To Understand What's Going On Inside The Mind Of Your Man.

    Let me tell it to you straight, as a man... Women secretly believe that their connection with a man will "naturally" turn into something deeper without any communication taking place. Kind of like it's the unspoken truth about what's going on. Honestly, this isn't how it works for us men.

    If you're "assuming" you have a relationship, and that he feels like you do, you're wrong. Men don't assume that a connection, being together, spending quality time and all the rest means they're in a committed relationship. Some men do, but not most.

    For a man to know he's in a committed relationship, and understand the things YOU want in that relationship, YOU have to communicate with him in CLEAR AND DIRECT terms. Yeah, that's right. You have to put yourself out there and be vulnerable.


    But I hear lots of women think that other women are just lucky to have found such a great guy. And while there are some men who are more equipped and ready for a healthy situation with a woman, it's NOT luck that women in great relationships have found a way to communicate with their guy. That's right, they've taken time to find the right information and to learn to integrate a certain way of communicating into their thinking and behavior. It's not easy, but there's help.

    2. You Need To Understand What Causes You To Make "The Big Mistake"

    EVERYONE wants to have THEIR needs met first. It's basic human nature. But being able to delay your gratification is an AMAZING thing to develop in your life (in every part of your life!).

    Most people (men and women) want to talk, talk, talk about what THEY think and what THEY want. The root of this problem basically boils down to needs that are unmet. So making "The Big Mistake" is really all about being driven by your unmet needs and desires and solely focusing on what YOU want the relationship to be, without honestly and critically considering the man's perspective, his emotional state, his communication skills and where he's coming from at the same time.

    When you do this with a man, you are subconsciously telling him that you're more interested in your feelings and what YOU want than you are in his feelings and what he wants. And men can read and pick up on women who do this instantly. I see a form of this "Big Mistake" communication all the time in business by the way.

    Some business professionals are the worst at this self absorbed "need" oriented communication. Like when someone calls me who wants to get something from me or sell me something and they're not very experienced or polished at it.

    The first thing I pick up on is their selfish agenda... and it instantly puts me on the defensive.

    But if they've done their "homework" on me and what I'm looking for, and not what THEY WANT from me, when they talk it changes the whole situation the second they show me they've thought about what I want. It's very simple but extremely powerful. So let's take this concept directly back to communicating with men.

    It might sound cliche, but you've got to learn to listen and understand where he's at and where he's coming from. This cliche is a around for a reason.

    It works.

    Patience, empathy and understanding are the first steps towards creating the relationship you dream about. But you've got to be careful to not become the woman who gives him EVERYTHING and gets walked on. Use your common sense and intuition to safeguard yourself - I know that your female perceptive abilities aren't used nearly enough, so put these strong tools to good use.

    3. How To Avoid Making The Big Mistake.

    Let me give you a vital piece of information when dealing with men. Men are CLUELESS when it comes to identifying the things that are "obvious" to women in dating and relationships. I would know. It's taken me ten years to begin to understand these things for myself - and I spend a LOT of time thinking about it.

    Sorry though, I'm "spoken for"...(Oh Please, get over yourself Christian!!) Ok, enough self-indulgent humor, back to you. So we know men are AWFUL at initiating and participating in conversations about deep emotions and relationships.

    Sorry to break the bad news, but it's almost always up to you to make this communication happen.

    It's important to remember to approach the entire conversation from the perspective of talking about what you want AND what he wants. If you can make a guy feel like you put his feelings and needs a priority in this conversation, and always consider what he wants, I promise he will LOVE YOU for it!

    There's no rule that says you can't consider another persons opinions and feelings first in order to get what you want. In fact, a key goal in negotiating is to let the other person talk first.

    When you get to listen first, you ALWAYS have the advantage. You know exactly what the other person wants... and knowledge is influence and power. I'm not saying you need to take on hard-core negotiating here with a man, but some of the same rules and principles about people and psychology apply.

    When you talk to a man from a positive place of listening first, he will be 10,000 times more receptive to what you have to say and what you want once you bring it up than if you approach him from a place of feeling hurt, communicate need and projecting fear and anxiety.

    Try this instead. Ask a positive question or give a positive statement such as, "Honey, I was thinking today that I was happy to be with you." It might sound submissive, corny or difficult to say to someone you're having a tough time with, but think about it. If you're going through all the trouble to worry so much about the future with this person, this is already what you're thinking.

    You might want to check out what could be the world's best collection of ideas, strategies, insights and research on the subject of how to avoid the Big Mistakes, and other big mistakes in my e-book, "Catch Him And Keep Him". It's full off specific ways to communicate with a man that will instantly amplify the attraction he feels for you and help move things quickly and smoothly from "casual" to "committed" in no time flat. I've spent the better part of the last year making sure my e-book will give you REAL WORLD ANSWERS and solutions to the things you're dealing with when it comes to men.

    Go check it out right now:

    Click Here For Your Free Newsletter And e-book Download

    Your Friend,

    Christian Carter

    Follow Christian's Tips and this may be in your future.

    Saturday, November 04, 2006

    5 Important Things You Should Know About Your Credit Report

    Latinos, if you want to be successful financially, your credit report is the second most important tool in your arsenal. A good credit report opens doors to opportunities others do not have, such as getting a small business loan.

    Detailed below is an explanation of what is in your credit report. Make sure it's accurate and protect it like gold.

    1. Personal Information Section: names, surnames, known aliases, Social Security number, date of birth, where have you lived, your last known address, place of work, name of your spouse, judicial cases and any public document, like bankruptcy and mortgage execution (foreclosure).

    This information tell a creditor about your character and habits. For example:

    If you change your residence every 6 months, you do not show stability; if you change work constantly, that can compromise your capacity to pay accounts.

    To avoid discrepancies in your file, try to maintain constancy; for example, if use your maiden name, do not fill applications of credit with another name, or vice versa.

    2. Credit Accounts Information: all types of mortgages, personal loans or your rotating accounts such as credit cards.
    Reported are: which are active and which are closed, the amount you owe on each one, total of the minimum payment, if you have delayed in your payments, and how many times you've been late in making payments

    The best way to take care of your credit is to pay your accounts on time.

    The delayed payments give you very bad credit reference. In the calculation of your credit score, the number of late payments have carry a great weight. It represents 35% of your overall score.

    If you have difficulties paying on time, call your creditor and negotiate a new payment schedule. That way you will not get penalized for late payments. You will avoid late fees and you will avoid a negative blot in your credit report.

    3. Credit Inquiries: Reports all businesses that have requested information on your credit, whether you have applied for a specific credit card or inquiries if you're seeking an to rent an apartment.

    It provides details on businesses that have investigated your record. The details include names, addresses, dates and reasons for the inquiries. Many requests for new credits cards, for example, most likely to portray you as an avid user of credit cards. You could appear as a credit risk if all those credit card requests were approved.

    4. Credit Score: This number, that usually goes between the 350 and the 850, is a mathematical representation of the quality of your credit, based on standard criteria. It utilizes your accumulated data. A higher credit score represents a good credit quality. This is very important because with a higher credit score, the lenders view you less of a credit risk.

    It is possible that your score vary among the three main credit bureaus. It is possible that information in one report is not on the other two reports. So check all three bureaus for accuracy and consistency

    This score also is known like FICO Score because it was designed by Fair Isaac & Co. at the end of the 1950's. Since then is the criteria creditors use to evaluate the credit quality of an individual.

    The exact formula of how this score is calculated is not public information. The Federal Trade Commission, the entity responsible for watching for the rights of the consumers in the United States considers this disposition as acceptable.

    You can ask for a free copy of your credit report from the big three credit reporting agencies:
    Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. They are subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    We will cover how to fix inaccuracies in the next article.

    Don't miss it!

    UPDATE: Greg Souther, owner of Greg Souther Consulting and Seminars, advised TLE that "... credit reports do not contain jail sentences or if you have been turned down for insurance". Thanks Greg for the heads up!

    Friday, November 03, 2006

    An Open Invitation to Latino Business Journalists!

    The Latino Edge is looking for a few good journalists with excellent writing skills, a nose for business and anything that helps other Latinos improve themselves and their finances.

    TLE is searching for Latino/Hispanic writers from all areas of the US. We are also searching overseas journalist who can can write about the Hispanic/Latino influence on the international economic stage.

    If this describes you, please send us an e-mail telling us why you want to write for the Edge?

    The benefit?

    The Edge is a global blog, meaning that we have readers from all over the world subscribing to the Edge. Your name and the fruits of your labor will get world wide exposure.

    We also have the interest of several well known and successful news media outlets in the United States.

    It's an golden opportunity for you to get your work seen and recognized. This can also be a stepping stone to your own column.

    Nevertheless, you will not know that unless you take the first step: writing for The Latino Edge.

    What are you waiting for? Let's get to work!

    New, Exciting and FREE at The Latino Edge!

    After careful consideration and research, we are changing the format of The Latino Edge from a news oriented commentary blog and focus on the emerging Latino/Hispanic business culture in the United States. We feel while it is important to keep abreast with global news, we find a gaping void when it comes to helping our Latino brethren break into the US financial and social marketing scene. The Latino Edge intends to fill that chasmal void... and we will.

    We hope that our readers that have been loyal to the Edge from it's inception will continue to visit us in the future. Without you, this blog would have never succeeded. Nevertheless, as everything in life, things grow and with growth comes change. With that in mind, we welcome new members into our growing family of attractive, powerful and savvy Latino Edge

    Onward to a better, brighter and prosperous future!

    Thursday, November 02, 2006

    Latino! Register To Vote Here!

    November 7 th is just five days away, Latinos. It's time to show all those politicians against our people that we are not pushovers!

    Elections are scheduled for the House of Representatives (all 435 seats) and the Senate, as well as for many state and local officials. This includes elections for 36 state governors!

    This is the opportunity we have been waiting for, Latino. We can change the political landscape to our favor.

    "The American Latino community is about NUMBERS! We're 46 million strong..." is the message that going out to all the Latinos in the US and Puerto Rico.

    Don't sit on the sidelines. It's our country...

    Who Else Wants a Higher Paying Job? 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Ace the Interview!

    You have your polished resume. Your credentials are superb. Your talents fit the job description like a cozy glove. What can go wrong?

    Almost everything.

    We all make errors. Nevertheless, what will set you head and shoulders above your competition is recognizing the blunders... and preparing ahead of time. Here are 10 sure-fire ways to ace your dream job.

    1. Appearance:

    Most people dress from the "waist-up". They have the perfect oxford button-down shirt, the perfect silk tie from Saks Fifth Avenue, and the blazer is razor sharp. However, they forget to polish their shoes to a mirror shine and iron the wrinkles out of their pants! Make sure your belt and socks match the color of your shoes, i.e., black shoes, black socks, black belt. This tells your interviewer that you pay attention to detail. Many times, I have observed interviewers look at my shoes when greeting me. Make sure they are always, always polished.

    Research how you can better your appearance. Small things like clean manicured nails make all the difference in the world.

    2. Don't Be Arrogant:

    Ask any woman what turns her off the quickest during a date. Most will say that arrogance is a huge turn off. In an interview, the same principal applies. You may be the best candidate they have. If you come across as a insufferable snob, you will lose. To an interviewer, arrogance says, "I am a good talker but I cannot deliver what you need." Confidence, though, will tell the same interviewer that you have what it takes to do the job time after time. Confidence projects the ability to be a team player.

    Learn the fine line between arrogance and confidence. Apply it to your everyday dealing and it will open treasured doors for you.

    3. Don't Overemphasize Your Skill Set:

    We have worked hard to educate ourselves. We have the pedigrees to prove it. And we want to showcase them in the interview. That is a fatal mistake. What interviewers want to know is what can you do for the company?

    Learn to interweave your skill set with the company's needs. That way you come across as someone who is interested in adding to the company's success. You do not want to come across as someone who only wants to be a selfish superstar homerun hitter.

    4. Be Prepared:

    With all the information available on the Internet, there is not one solid reason you should be unprepared for the interview. This means you need to do in-depth research about the company. Passing knowledge of the company tells the interviewer you are not really interested in the job. Ok, that may be untrue. One thing is feeling excited about the job prospect. It is totally another issue to show it.

    I had an interview once and I was going blind. I did not know anything about my interviewers. However, I did my in-depth research including the previous day’s stock closing. When I took this paper out of my attache case, an older gentleman reached over, took it into his hands and started reading. He started smiling wide.
    He was the owner of the company.

    Guess who got the job?

    Do your research.

    5. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

    Interviewers LOVE to ask open ended questions. And we give them short answers. Bad form! Interviewers want to know how well you can communicate with other people. If you can shine in your
    verbal skills while under pressure, they will see that you will be an asset to the team in everyday dealings with other high profile VIPs and your co-workers. People who do not communicate have a rough time in a team setting.

    And no one wants to work with a crab.

    6. Show Interest:

    What is the toughest question in any interview? You got it.

    "Do you have any questions?"

    If you say no, you will show lack of interest. Think about it. When you go on a date, do you ask questions about your date? Sure you do. Why? Because you are interested. But if you show lack of interest by not asking questions, I can assure you will not have a second date.

    People love talking about themselves, about their jobs and their talents. This is especially true when the interview has a high profile position within the company. Take full advantage of that. Make them spend time telling you about themselves. They will forget about the candidate sitting outside. You take that time away from your competition. You will, in your interviewer's eyes, look like the greatest conversationalist on the planet. And all you did was show interest.

    Ask about the company's industry, competitors or business problems facing the firm at the moment. And watch them open up to you like long lost friends.

    If you and I were competing for the same position, this is the exact point where I would
    cut your throat. This is about me getting the job, not you. Understood? Good.

    7. Do Not Ask About Perks

    This is simple. Stay away from "what is in it for me" questions. You want to give the sincere impression that you are there for the company and not the company for you. Let the interviewer tell you about the perks and benefits.

    8. Be Formal

    Treat an interview like a business meeting. Business is business. It is formal and serious. Business is about making money. And money talks. This is not the time to be casual and juggle bananas like a circus monkey. The interview wants to know if you have what it takes to make the company money. Even in comedy, it is said that "comedy is a serious business".

    9. Focus on the Positive:

    The interview is not a therapy session. You ought to have a shining positive effect on your interviewers. Talk about what you learned in your previous position. Talk about your team and bosses in a good light. It shows the interviewer that no matter what happens, you will not bad mouth them or the company. And they will remember you fondly.

    10. Close the Deal

    Tell the interviewer how much you would love join the company. Ask what the next step in the interview process will entail? Sell yourself. Show interest and plant a subconscious seed in the interviewer's mind that you believe you are the person for the job.

    If you forget to do this, they will forget you.