Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How the Business Model Works

In response to an e-mail sent to TLE recently, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and turn it into a business lesson for the benefit of all our readers.

A reader asked why did we change the
format? While writing articles on current events is of interest to some, TLE felt that we were repackaging what most blogs and all the media were writing about anyway. Yes, we gave it an edge and it was entertaining. Nevertheless, as a community based blog, TLE strives to give the audience what it wants and needs.

We discovered that there is a lack of financial and relational information directed at the Latino culture. So we put out feelers and simply asked, "What do you need to see at TLE?" The response was overwhelming. As we suspected, our Latino audience wanted to know the "how to's" or the ins and outs of the business culture. Surprisingly, many men and women also wanted to read articles about relationships. In hindsight, Latinos are a very passionate people. Relationships are very important to us, believe it or not.

The bottom line? The Latino Edge delivered.

This blog exists to serve its audience and not the other way around. Yet, we must take into consideration that the majority spoke. There are a few people that loved the old format and we thank you. However, the larger portion of our readers spoke up and let us know what they wanted.

You see, writing about GW's escapades, terrorism and other shenanigans doesn't edify the community's pocket. It isn't going to help in relationships of any kind.

That's why we changed the format.

We heard and we obeyed.

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