Friday, November 03, 2006

New, Exciting and FREE at The Latino Edge!

After careful consideration and research, we are changing the format of The Latino Edge from a news oriented commentary blog and focus on the emerging Latino/Hispanic business culture in the United States. We feel while it is important to keep abreast with global news, we find a gaping void when it comes to helping our Latino brethren break into the US financial and social marketing scene. The Latino Edge intends to fill that chasmal void... and we will.

We hope that our readers that have been loyal to the Edge from it's inception will continue to visit us in the future. Without you, this blog would have never succeeded. Nevertheless, as everything in life, things grow and with growth comes change. With that in mind, we welcome new members into our growing family of attractive, powerful and savvy Latino Edge

Onward to a better, brighter and prosperous future!

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