Wednesday, April 22, 2009

E. Frencci Rivera - Globally Acclaimed Latino Author and Artist Joins The Latino Edge!

Many extraordinary things can be said about E. Frencci Rivera. When I met Frencci, I was awed by his soft voice and humility. His desire to bring his craft and his love for our Latino people is only surpassed by his deep love for Jesus Christ and his lovely family - and it shows.

Frencci (pronounced Frenchy) is no stranger to pain and suffering. Just a few months ago, he was diagnosed with a sight stealing disease called Macular Edema. His doctors gave him less than one year before he would completely lose his sight. Frencci, in turn, turned to his only Source, his Divine Healer to restore him to wholeness.

Since then, Frencci has produced remarkable works of art such as his world renowned online cartoon strip, Legal Aliens. It is the continuing space saga of an intrepid band of Latino space travelers led by the indomitable Professor Hector Genio, genius extraordinaire! As you follow their far flung adventures, I guarantee that you will laugh your "chanclas" off!

Pushing the borders of his God given talents, Frencci is also an accomplished author and graphic arts illustrator. Among Men and Serpents - The Darkyn Child is the first book in a trilogy of an incredible sci-fi fantasy akin to Star Wars and C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia. Turn the volume up, click play and allow yourself to be transported away to worlds beyond your wildest dreams - Among Men and Serpents!

Incredible, yes? Starting tomorrow, E. Frencci will be join us here at The Latino Edge, delivering his own brand of tongue in cheek cartoon editorials reflecting a realistic but awfully funny slice of Latino life.

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Don't dare miss it!

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