Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Little Housekeeping

The Latino Edge was founded with end of telling the raw truth. The first articles were written with a skeptical undertone, relaying some of the dark side of human nature. As my thinking matured throughout the years, so did my writing. I came to the revelation that human nature will always have a dark side to it. We receive huge daily doses of negativity through our newspapers, blogs and TV. Why add to it?

What people really need is content that helps them along the way - to encourage and give hope - in pursuit of their God-given dreams. Although most of the subject matter is business-like in nature, TLE delivers its content in an up-beat, edifying and often humorous fashion.

There was one more thing that needed to change, our Internet address. We're dropping the "cyniclook" moniker and renaming the URL "" .

Please, reset your bookmarks and your feeds to reflect these changes. In the short term, we're going to lose a few of you during the adjustment period. But in a long-term scenario, I am sure you will agree that the change was long over due.

See you soon, friends!

Lots of love and care,


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