Friday, September 25, 2009

Character Traits of a Winner - Surround Yourself With Winners

You have a dream. I know you do. It is somewhere deep within the recesses of your heart and soul. It is something that you can do for long periods of time and never tire of doing it. For me, it is like eating roast pork egg foo young and pork fried rice from a good local Chinese take out joint. That's my favorite dish. I've been eating it for decades. I just can't get enough. Oh! Let me not forget: plain homemade cheesecake -- no strawberries, please. Yum!

Pause right here and think of it. It brings a smile to your face, doesn't it? The mere thought of your dream just gives you an unexplainable good feeling, yes? Of course it does. Your dream is like your soul mate -- that special someone that by the mere mention of their name sets your tail feathers wagging. Oh, the joy!

Lately, you've turned away from your dreams. Like a hungry dog, you've settled for crumbs off the master's table. Your days are filled with drudgery. Food doesn't taste quite right and life has lost it's spark. You wake up in the morning and in no time you're off to work to punch in for another eight hour day.

The problem may be that you are surrounding yourself with people who tear you down. People who tear you down are like fig trees that don't produce fruit. What do you do with a fruit tree that doesn't feed you? Common sense dictates that you should get rid of it and plant another tree that will produce quality fruit consistently. Thus you will eat consistently from the harvest of produce. However, if you choose not to replace a dead tree with one that is productive, you will hunger and eventually die. Of course, that's a bit ridiculous. Who would do that to themselves?

Nevertheless, when some apply that principal to their lives, sadly they find themselves starved for healthy and productive relationships. Many people live surrounded by unproductive, negative and soul killing parasites. If you are going to make your dreams a reality, you need to cultivate solid and sincere relationships with others that are living the dream.

You alone have control over who joins your circle of friends. If you beset yourself with people who constantly whine about their hard life and do nothing about it, you will suffer the consequences of your choices. Negative influences are not conducive to fertilizing your goals. In other words, if you wish to open the best bakery in your community, don't hang out with drug dealers.

You are your most prominent asset. You must have the goods to bring to the table. Exhaustively practice your craft until your skill set is razor sharp. Be the cutting edge. Nothing less will do.

The people who surround you are your next most valuable asset. They are your support crew and can help you stay motivated. They will support and encourage you even on your off days - when you're not feeling it. We will call these people your positive influences.

Negative influences are the soul draining parasites who rip you apart. They want you to be like them and don't want you to achieve anything because they've done next to nothing with their lives. Remember the wise axiom, Misery loves company.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to eliminate all negative influences from your life. Use these pointers to help surround yourself with positive influences:

  1. Identify your support crew. List them. This helps with your determination.
  2. Consciously make an effort to continually surround yourself with your positive influences.
  3. Positive influences LOVE to help others. It's a natural side effect of being a positive person. Ask for their help and advice.
  4. Help and support your crew in return; be their support in their times of trials. Giving of your time and talents is always better than receiving. Offer them your sincere friendship, emphasis on sincere. If you sponge off your crew and give nothing in return, you are a negative influence. Don't whine when you find yourself tossed to the curb and without a crew. If you want best friends, be a best friend.
  5. Identify and note the negative influences are in your life. Keep your interactions with them down to the lowest common denominator.

You must be astute and tenacious in pursuit of your dream. Give no time to flotsam.

Victory is waiting for you with open arms.

Live the dream.
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