Sunday, November 01, 2009

It's About the People!

Observing and taking notes, I've grown exceedingly concerned about the current drama within the Latino cyber community. We've lost our focus. Instead of maximizing the opportunity to do good for the community at large, many have trained their talents and abilities to seek fame and fortune and nothing else. I am not one to condemn someone trying to hustle - especially now in this season of global financial recession. Many people have lost jobs, homes, and the ability to remain healthy through no fault of their own. Once vibrant cities like Detroit and Flint, Michigan are slowly becoming ghost towns. People are hungry, sick and even becoming homeless. Winter is coming and some will spend many a chilling night under bridges and alley ways shivering; perhaps even dying.

Apparently community service is only welcomed when it serves the purpose of self-indulgence; getting one's name in the papers, being able to stand next to celebrities, meeting the right people - all under the guise of Latino activism.

What is a successful Latino? That is an interesting question. Equally intriguing is the lack of credible answers. Is true success about making gobs of money? Only if some of that money has been reinvested into the community.

One option is supporting ESL (English as a Second Language) programs for those who want to learn English. Many immigrants want to become Americans. Part of their American Dream is to learn how to speak and write in English. However, many have found it extremely difficult to learn because classes are not offered in abundance. I know of a certain movement in New Hampshire going through red tape setting up a simple ESL classroom. Why? Aren't we 51 million strong?

You would think by now there would be an organization en force similar to the NAACP.

It seems that successful Latino means stamping the Latino brand for self-centered profit rather than help the community they allegedly serve. Successful Latinos prop each other up, pat themselves on their backs and sponge off the 51 million LEGAL Latinos in the US in the name of Latino unity. They deliver their prepared speeches with grace and smoothness of a politician running for office. How charming - and what stinking bull-crap!

In my day, we called these people used car and insurance salesmen. Now we call them successful Latinos leaders. To me, they're merely Micheal Moore clones - performing monkeys tethered to organ grinders dancing for stray coins.

If this article offends some, good! I've done my job. I'm not writing to become a famous celebrity. I could care less about fame - and some of you have already learned that stinging truth about this writer. I do not "yessa massah" well.

Latino people, follow the money. In following the money, you learn the motives behind the people you support. Then you'll be able to make wise decisions. Support those leaders that sacrificially support the community.

We will never become a force to be reckoned unless we sincerely make this Latino movement about the people.

Let's choose en masse substance over style.