Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Latino Alliance for Latino Inspiration and Progress!


"In the US, the biggest & most important change in more than 100 years is coming...QUICKLY!"
  • “It's important for Latinos to band together and team up a bit now because we're on the verge of inheriting to a very large extent this great country of ours.  We need to be both worthy and ready. To make our mark, we will need to make a lot of progress and achieve a lot of success, both individually and collectively, in a short amount of time.”  -Latino Alliance Web Site

Latino Alliance was formed to be a catalyst for this progress.  Its main objective is to promote and recognize Latino achievement, leadership, and success!

Because most communication and engagement these days takes place online and in social media, Latino Alliance uses these forums to get its message across:

They provide useful information and resources on personal achievement and making progress, opportunities to connect and network, inspirational Latino success stories and advice, and best practices on leadership.

Latino Alliance believes that Latinos can be a great source of encouragement and support for each other, and can learn from one another as well.  There's a lot of excitement involved in achieving success and taking on leadership roles, but there's a lot of preparation and responsibility involved, too.  Latino Alliance says, “Let's learn and get ready together!”

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