Wednesday, November 14, 2012

¿Que pasó? Romney's Demise from a Latino Perspective

Political analysts and Republicans alike are beside themselves about President Obama's re-election. Carl Rove certainly blamed everyone but himself for an Obama win. Let's look at this by the numbers. 

White male Americans certainly voted. However, they were divided. How many White female American voted for Romney? Only 44%. This confirms what we already knew: White American women felt Romney was out of touch with female issues in America. 

On the other hand 93% of  African-Americans and 71% of Asian Americans voted for Obama. However, it would not have been enough to beat Romney. Census statistics tells us that there are approximately 52 million Hispanic Americans of voting age. The exit polls also tells us that 73% of Hispanic Americans voted for Obama. The GOP ignored this and that is what cost Romney the election. Rommey was paying attention the wrong crowd. 

Never mind that low level conservatives like Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell, Jan Brewer, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio indirectly destroyed any hope the GOP had for winning the election. They, the media and racist Americans were making a fuss over 12 million illegal immigrants. While I don't advocate breaking the law of the land, this group were the focus of extreme abuse by supposedly civilized government officials. The rest of us - the 52 million strong Hispanic American voting block - quietly watched, taking notes, working in the background. We studied history. We knew it wasn't a great stretch of the imagination that the same could happen to us. We worked relentlessly to put an end to this travesty. 

Funny thing is that the GOP totally ignored us! Latino bloggers have been writing about this very thing for years. The Republican camp had the intel! 

The elections are over and Obama won. Is our work done? No. Not at all. 

The GOP will be fighting Latinos tooth and nail now that they know we gave Obama the win. Conservative politicians know that they can't get rid of 52 million US citizens. They also realize  that if left to us, the GOP will never see the inside the Oval Office again. 

Here's another piece of raw data. White Americans are no longer interested in large families or even marriage for that matter. On the other hand, Hispanic Americans LOVE large families and respect the sanctity of marriage. A small portion of us use abortion as a means of contraception. Our segment of the American population will grow exponentially over the next couple of generations. 

We, the old guard, will teach our young ones never to vote for the GOP, showing them proof that to do so will have terrible consequences. 

What do we do now? Teach our children that they need pursue college education - they will get it if they work hard at it. They need to become business men and women, doctors, lawyers and especially, politicians. We need solid representation in the White House and in Congress. 

Latino, we've been handed the key to Fort Knox. Let's make the most this golden opportunity.

Let's get to work, Latino!

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