Monday, December 03, 2012

The True Optimist View

Optimism has several meanings to to many people. While it is a good habit to have opinions, we should also endeavor to have the right mindset. It is the gumption that seperates the sheep from the goats, the lions from the cowards and the winners from the losers. 

Those of us that endeavor to call ourselves social media experts, public relations giants or even life coaches should remember that social engineering is more than cute quotes and pictures of rainbows and sunshine. It is more than Klout rankings, cartoon characters, or 4 minute amateur videos. 

Optimism is about bringing hope to those that have little hope and perhaps even love to the rejected. It's about walking through the dirty streets and bringing light to dark places. It's about bringing the goods to empty cupboards. It takes risk, steeled determination, and uncommon audacity. 

The Son of Man once said, Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Optimism is not for the weak. It is bloody and ugly. Genuine optimism is the oak tree facing the storm declaring, "Better days are coming!" Gandhi, King, and Kennedy, all paid the ultimate price for their staunch optimist stand; they gave their lives to bring light to dark places. 

Think Positive spiritual teachings blinds itself to total reality. It tells adherents to only hang out with people with positive energies. It teaches to run away from seemingly negative situations and jump the fence to greener pastures. While I agree that is one way of disciplining oneself, I hardly call it optimisticThe true optimist will see and can accept the negative conditions or situations but seizes them as opportunities for positive outcomes. It never surrenders. Ever.   

Genuine optimism is the spiritual lightening that changes the course of people's lives. It freely shares its time, gifts and talents for the greater good. It's the stuff of courageous men and women. It's the mommy that falls asleep hungry so their babies are fed. It's the dutiful daddy that continues to work battle bruised and worn out for his family. I digress. 

Are you truly optimistic or a pretender? Are you regurgitating echos from the past or are you the living and breathing action behind your words? 

Make your choice with finality right now! Get up, fire walker! Show us what kind of lion you are. Be the class act for the rest of us to follow. 

Otherwise, you're nothing but a joke, your words garbage and you reek of cheap bologna. 

What is it going to be, Latino? Royalty or a bad joke? 

Your choice.

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