Monday, May 15, 2017

As many of you know, I became disabled and wheelchair bound almost four years ago. In 2010, I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis of the lung, a genetic, non-contagious, and incurable immune system disease. The immune system attacks the organs of the body very slowly and insidiously until the organs fall from the merciless assault. In 2013, I lost my ability to walk. Common every day things like washing dishes or even washing myself are monumental tasks. I've been a "frequent flyer" at my local hospital. The day came when I had to try living in a nursing home. Oi.

So I am writing this about Ferncliff Nursing Home, in Rheinbeck, New York. On the outside, it's an old manor situated in the middle of beautiful back country. Once you're in, as a patient, that's where the beauty ends.

I tried writing a continuous log on Yelp! but they stopped me. Supposedly, they don't allow companies to complain about negative commentaries. However, that's bupkis. With more excuses than a Kellyann bot, Yelp! said their new algorithm detects what it thinks is spam and neutralizes the post. That fancy language for "We got paid by the company to kill your negative and factual post about their service."

The following is the Yelp! postings about the hell hole called Ferncliff Nursing Home.

May 4th, 2017

Less than 48 hours after my arrival to 2nd Floor B-wing, , I desperately want to leave. First off, whomever was in charge of securing my medications had not.  I had to wait 15 hours for pain medications to arrive.

Don't let the pretty surroundings fool you, the brochure lies like a rug. They advertised trained wound care nurses. However, according to a "social worker," what Ferncliff really offers are "LPNs that change bandages." and a wound doctor that comes in once a week. The differences are obviously worlds apart. None of them are specialized in wound care. Thus far, I've met just a few of the medical staff but nothing has happened. My bandages haven't been changed. The therapy people are trying to make me walk even though I lost the ability to walk and have been in a wheelchair for almost four years. Now the week end is here and the everyone is gone. By next Monday, four days will have been wasted waiting and doing nothing productive towards healing.

At the moment, I am due pain meds and my "nurse" (Jamaican nurse with the curly wig) conveniently went to eat. I've been waiting close to an hour waiting for her return, with bad leg pain. She returned from her break and said I had to wait after her shift change. WTF?! Now it's been over an hour and i am being refused my pain meds. What kind of shit hole is this place? She told me that her break was more important than my leg pain, when I asked her to PLEASE give me my pain medication!

Even though I have a fatal inherited breathing disorder and am oxygen dependant (24/7 @ 6ltrs) another nurse had an issue with me asking for new oxygen tanks! She wanted me to stay in my room sitting in my wheelchair because she said I was using too many portable tanks although they are my doctor's orders AND my insurance company is paying for all the tanks that I use. I spoke to the nurse supt. and asked why I was being denied my oxygen?

Update, Sunday, May 7th, 2017:  

Again, I was chastised by a nurse because she thought I was using too much portable oxygen and needed to stay in my room. Again, I went to the nurse supt. and again, I let her know what was going on. Supposedly, she called an administrator and was ordered not to arrange transportation so I could go home. Basically, I am stuck here. If I leave, they'll say it's "against medical advice" or AMA. Then, a second supervisor that was in the office said I called one of the nurses a "dog" and that she was there when I said it. (WTH?) I realized then and there that I wasn't safe anymore and I was dealing with people with twisted personal issues. I decided to go back to my room and stay there until Monday when all the bosses are here.

Update: Monday, May 8th, 2017, 1:02 am. 

To be fair, most of the nurses and aides treated me well. However, there are some nurses and aides here at Ferncliff/ArchCare that hate their jobs and that's translating into bad care for patients/clients. They hate that they are "mandated" to work doubles, that one nurse is in charge of medication and healthcare of almost 20 patients/clients. How do I know this? My room was 2042 B Wing, just 10 feet from the nurses' station. And they talked ALL night long. Someone is going to snap and do something bad to a patient one day. I'm trying to get out of here because I don't feel safe anymore. I am off the floor instead of in bed just to keep out of everyone's way. Out of sight, out of mind.  I'm writing this because I believe in patient and human rights. No one should be treated like sub humans. For some, trees and 40 cats get better treatment. Keep your loved one out of this place. Abuse is possible if your loved one catches the attention and wrath of a "Nurse Ratchet" clone.

Update 5/9/17 4:38PM

Tina, the short blond "social worker" spoke with me yesterday morning and refused to arrange transportation so I could leave. She said if I wanted to go, I could do it myself. In other words, they want to squeeze every penny out of my insurance. At this time, I consider myself being held against my will by Ferncliff.

Update, 5/10/17 approx. 9 am.

I spoke to the exec. director, Mr. Dayo, and he is in on the con. He said if I wanted to go, I could but I would be AMA, although to date, I haven't seen a doctor AND I am still wearing the same bandages I came in with last week. They smell and burn. My legs are most likely infected. I called my insurance company and told them about this con job Ferncliff has going on. They're looking into it. Also, my bed hasn't been cleaned since last week. I sleep in my wheel chair.

This is feels like I'm in prison being held by a parasite milking my insurance for all it can. 

Update, 5/13/17, 12:13AM
Where's a nosy reporter when you need one? 

As of this writing, 2nd floor, B Wing, rooms 2034 to 2066, has only one nurse and one aide for servicing the entire wing. That's how unsafe we are here. I am one of the few more able patients, but the rest are quite disabled. 

God watch over us tonight.

Update, May 15th, 2017

I still haven't seen a doctor. My bandages are 2 weeks old and stinking like rot. I've been trying to arrange transport out of here. I'm going to have to rent a van to get out of here.

In the meantime, the entire day shift walked out from fifth floor b wing because the administration was trying to force them to work yet another 16 hour shift. The building barely has any staff. It feels like a ghost town.